A warm welcome to all English-language friends and newly interested people!

Special event: Taiwan Art Afternoon
Next opportunity 12/12… Sunday the 12th day of December!

A three hour Zoom Event in English. If your English is not so confident, find a friend to sit with!

Starts at 15:30 Taiwan time (8:30 in Germany!)

We will have a session of 3 hours maximum, but not all of it in front of the computer.

We will speak about the significance of a healing art in this time. And we will paint, following a process and theme together. Then we will share our experiences and show our paintings or drawings.

Please let me know if you are interested to join and I will

  • confirm the date
  • and send you the zoom link and details about the art materials you might need.

Cost: donation via paypal c.kunze25@gmail.com

In Celebration of „500“

This is the 500th small painting I have done since 21 March 2020. That day was the beginning of a lockdown that was imposed in Germany, even though infection figures had already gone down. This lockdown has never really ended, even though it has varied in severity.

The Daily Dose of Art (see other blog article) has helped me carry on through the daily challenges, contradictions and frictions. The figure “500” reminds me of the bio-dynamic preparation 500. This ‘code’ name was invented when it seemed risky to talk about ‘horn manure’ or, as with “501” of  ‘horn silica”. The bd farmers were worried to be seen as using witchcraft, and such.

Are my paintings also ‘witch-craft’? It made me think that, just as the biodynamic soil preparations have the task of communicating cosmic forces into the processes of the earth, that my little paintings have had a similar task to mediate strengthening and healing forces into people’s soul, to enrich those who witness the weekly batch of fresh paintings, and to give them good life forces.

Are the paintings ‚great art‘? I don’t know and I don’t pretend that they are – but that’s not important! …they are what they are!

It occurs to me that during this time of the Daily Dose, I have in part come into an ornamental or also symbolistic style. I like it, however. A memory came that, as a child, I was always looking forward to the end of my homework, because then I would complete the page with a colour-pencil ornament, most often a narrow band across the page underneath what I had written. A flowing rhythmical wave, dots, flowers or lines in between. That was my highlight!

Many of you have commented, now and then, how the paintings have kind of hovered in the background of your days, how they were used as ‘screen savers’ on computers, how they were printed out and stuck to the fridge at home to be seen every day, until replaced by another ‘favorite’.

If you have had a special experience with the ‘daily dose’, or with a specific painting, I would like you to send in a brief comment, Please write to my contact address on this website.

I would like to make a special blog article on those responses.

Further to the idea that the pictures have some kind of ‘force’ that they bring with them. Art strengthens the soul, and we have been – worldwide – excluded from participating in familiar and important art experiences such as concerts, exhibitions, dances. What does this do to us? It diminishes our inner strength.

The small paintings which most of the time landed unpremeditated on my paper are messages not to forget the soul. I hope you take them this way.

I do not know how I will carry on – I had the thought that maybe I will send you photos of older works that have not been seen; and that perhaps the time I spend painting will have to be employed to re-write my Colour Pathways, which is a project I have been pursuing now and then.

But as I write, 502 was ‘born’ this morning, and I feel that the paintings will have to carry on ‘landing’ here… it’s not just about me.

Finally: if you feel that 500 is enough, write to me and I will not send them to you any longer. Fair enough!  and no offense. This is better than receiving them without being able to appreciate them any longer.

Conversely, if you read this, and have not yet received the weekly paintings, let me know and I will put you on my list. From ‘preparation 500’ onward, you can witness and enjoy the flow of messages in picture form, of homeopathic strengthening, of glimpses of hope in a difficult world.

Gracias thankyou ありがとうdanke 謝謝 takk धनयवाद תודה

My approach to art and to teaching

I am an artist. This website offers my pictures and courses. I teach art in a process-inspired way which I have described in my CD-published book.

Colour Pathways for the Soul may well constitute the best use of pdf media ever presented to the world. Cläre Kunze’s beautiful book would, in the world of paper printing, cost several times its current price in order to render each painting or drawing in all her exercises and examples at a size and quality that would be both informative and inspiring. The content of her book is wonderful to behold. I have never encountered a better explanation of the conversational, soul building, heart opening qualities that are truly what anthroposophical painting and drawing is all about. When one listens with love to the colours and forms that emerge on paper, beauty springs forth with a joy that makes the heart sing. Cläre’s teaching takes you into this world and gives you the process and instruction you need to set out on this journey of discovery and growth.“ (©Nancy Parsons 2011, with many thanks)

I see my work as „a space between“. A space of calm and focus in an ever more scattered and shattering world. I paint every day since the world events have imposed restrictions. The pictures can be seen on the gallery page (Galerie) under “A daily dose of Art”, and in my Blog ‘Kunst SOS’ where some contributions will also appear in English.

Personal Development

In addition, I make myself available to assist you in your personal development

… as a guide in loss and sadness (bereavement counseling),

…as a guide through the mysteries of your biography (biographical integration),

…and as a teacher of an every-day method of clearing your inner space called, Focusing.

I am available in person, if you are local, or online, if you are not.

I acquired an MA in American Literature in 1980. My later qualifications include ten years of private study in a ‘Goethean’ approach to art; a Diploma in Art Therapy, teaching experience at college level and in public classes, since 1998, a Certificate in Person-Centered counseling, a qualification to conduct bereavement counseling and, more recently, I became a certified Focusing Guide.

I am available for workshops ONLINE internationally. And hopefully, one day, again in person.

Let’s talk: together, we will discover appropriate themes to match your interests.

I am really happy to answer any questions, or point you to further information, in English, about aspects of my work.